This is a beautifull portfolio app build with react js. Many developers usually don't have a time to build their own portfolio. This portfolio app is open source and free to use. You can use this portfolio app for your personal use. You can also contribute to this project. I will be very happy if you contribute to this project.


Design Homepage

Built with

  • Vite
  • React
  • tailwind


You Learn:

  • react js hooks
  • folder structure
  • tailwind css
  • swiper js
  • react icons
  • react js packages (ex:react-modal)
  • email js
  • aos scroll animation
  • and more....

Getting Started

To run the development server:

npm i npm run dev


M. Mudassar
M. Mudassar
Sr. Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I take great pride in my ability to innovate and create efficient solutions. The satisfaction of seeing my code come to life and delivering products that exceed expectations is what drives me. I'm constantly learning and expanding my skill set to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Collaboration is key in the software development process, and I thrive in diverse teams. Whether it's debugging existing code or developing new applications, I approach each project with enthusiasm and dedication, always striving to learn and improve.