This is a solution to the Audiophile Ecommerce challenge on Frontend Mentor.



Built with

  • NextJS (React Framework for SSR)
  • TailwindCSS (Utility-first CSS framework)
  • Firestore Database (NOSQL firebase dataabse)
  • Cloudinary (for image storage)

What I learned

  • NextJS and the power of server-side rendering (SSR). I learned about NextJS Dynamic Routing and used it to build product pages under certain cagetories. For example: /pages/headphones/[slug].js
  • getStaticPaths inside the [slug].js files queries firebase database to find list of products and statically pre-renders the dynamic routes based on the products available. Because data is available during build time, I used getStaticProps to generate the dynamic pages based on paths. This function runs only on server side.
  • I wanted to experiment with quering from multiple sources of data. Thats why all the images are stored in Cloudinary and product data comes from Firebase. I have used NextJS next/image Image Optimizations for faster page loading.
  • It was very fun building the website with TailwindCSS with mobile-first approach. There are so many images and the structure of the page change drastically depending on device screen space. I have used resized images for tablet/mobile/desktop sizes, combined with next/image optimizations to make laoding time faster.
  • NextJS provides so much more features and I would love to make more projects with this framework.

Features left to implement

  • Cart to add products
  • Checkout page

M. Mudassar
M. Mudassar
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