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  • Add Flutter to your machine

  • Open this project folder with Terminal/CMD and run flutter packages get

  • Run flutter run to build and run the debug app on your emulator/phone


  • Home
  • Home - Apply Sliver effect in home screen
  • Pokedex
  • Pokedex - FAB
  • Pokedex - Add FAB animation
  • Pokedex - Add grid loading animation
  • Pokedex - Add more Pokemons by balvinderz
  • Pokedex - Add load more
  • Pokemon Info
  • Pokemon Info - About
  • Pokemon Info - Base Stats
  • Pokemon Info - Evolution
  • Pokemon Info - Moves (no design)
  • Pokemon Info - Make tab area expandable
  • Pokemon Info - Add animations
  • Pokemon Info - Add more Pokemons by balvinderz
  • Pokemon Info - Add missing data in About tab
  • Pokemon Info - Add Base Stats data by balvinderz
  • Pokemon Info - Add Evolution data by balvinderz



All the code available under the MIT + Apache 2.0. licenses. See LICENSE.


M. Mudassar
M. Mudassar
Sr. Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I take great pride in my ability to innovate and create efficient solutions. The satisfaction of seeing my code come to life and delivering products that exceed expectations is what drives me. I'm constantly learning and expanding my skill set to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Collaboration is key in the software development process, and I thrive in diverse teams. Whether it's debugging existing code or developing new applications, I approach each project with enthusiasm and dedication, always striving to learn and improve.